Understanding SQL server management studio operation of CRUD

By Mike Jackson  

As a beginner in the tech industry, there are certain key concepts that you must understand before you start writing code. In this blog post, we will discuss these concepts and explain why they are important.

The first thing you should understand is the difference between a coder and a programmer. A coder knows a programming language and its syntax, while a programmer can write logic. The ability to write logic is essential because it allows a programmer to create a flow to accomplish something with code.

Before you start writing code, you need to understand object-oriented programming and have a diagramming tool or pseudocode to help you plan your code. Additionally, you should be able to answer the three questions of what is it, what problem does it solve, and when do I use it? This will help you understand why you are learning something and what problem you are trying to solve.

Now, let’s talk about the four primary programs that you will write in tech, which are known as CRUD. CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete, and these operations are essential because they are the primary operations that interact with SQL databases. Whether you are dealing with a web application or a mainframe, you will most likely be creating, reading, updating, or deleting records from a database. For example, if you are creating a new customer record, you will be doing a create. If you need to read a customer’s information, you will be performing a read. If a customer wants to change their information, you will do an update, and if a customer wants to delete their information, you will do a delete.

Understanding CRUD operations is crucial for any developer’s career because they form the backbone of most applications. Even modern applications that use APIs are essentially performing CRUD operations with HTTP requests.

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In conclusion, understanding the fundamentals of object-oriented programming, UML diagrams, pseudocode, and CRUD operations is essential for any aspiring developer. These concepts will help you write efficient and effective code and become a successful developer in the tech industry.