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Tech is the New Sexy

Offering Science and Technology Video Series for Tech Beginners & Engineers

Tech Starters Series

Increasing Awareness in the Culture About Learning IT

558 Parkside Tech is committed to providing free video series and lessons to all individuals, regardless of their background or ethnicity. The organization's mission is to increase interest in technology and provide learning opportunities for underrepresented communities. This initiative was inspired by the low representation of minority groups in tech jobs, highlighting the need for greater access and opportunities in the industry.

While the focus of the organization is to provide education and resources for underrepresented communities, the videos and lessons provided by 558 Parkside Tech are open to everyone, and the organization encourages a diverse range of participants. By offering free education and resources, 558 Parkside Tech is working towards greater diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry, and inspiring individuals from all backgrounds to pursue careers in technology.

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Tech Starter Series

This isn't just Learning to Code but Learning More about Tech.

Engineer Series

Tutorials for DevOps Engineers, and Tech skills.

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Mike Jackson is an experienced software engineer with over two decades of industry experience, having worked on web platforms in both on-premises and cloud environments. He is a member of a DevOps team and possesses a deep understanding of the latest technological advancements with multiple Azure Certifications.

This website is a platform for Mike to share his thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on the tech industry. His insights and analyses are drawn from his extensive experience in the field and offer a technical perspective on current trends and emerging technologies.

As a software engineer, Mike understands the importance of maintaining a high level of productivity and creativity. Like many in the industry, he finds that a strong cup of coffee is often an essential part of his daily routine.